Baby On The Way

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Fabulous career on a roll, stunning house has just been bought,

With loving and successful husband you have a baby on the way,

A beauty living her dream life, is what one could say,

Would you think such innocence can be touched? I would not…


Husband sends regards from London, says will be coming late,

So at El Coyote’s a couple of your friends you patiently await.

A great time you are having, invite your friends to stay for a night,

All agree, except one who senses something is not right.

Pregnancy tired you out, so with a relief straight to bed you head,

Jay sits beside you, chatting, joking, unaware of upcoming dread.

Suddenly, a strange woman enters the room with a knife in her hand,

Blood in your veins flow faster, you sweat, your pupils expand.

“To the living room! Or I’ll kill you both!” you hear,

Seats you on a couch, ties you down; you never felt such fear.

Jay stands up to them, cannot allow them to harm you or the child,

But he is gunned down at once, and his killer ominously smiled.

Two men and two women, all very young and ruthless as they come,

Choose a girl to negotiate, telling her in two weeks you will be a mom.

You plead, you beg, with tears look in her eyes,

That is when you realize she is a devil in disguise.

“Please, spare my life, you can still leave, it is not too late, please… maybe…”

“Look, bitch, I don’t care about you! I don’t care if you’re going to have a baby!”

No compassion, no mercy, no human feelings you can expect from her,

All you feel is a cold knife-stab… just five times, of the rest you are unaware.


26 years of happiness, wealth and developing fame fallen with a thud,

Summed up with a word “PIG” painted on front door with your own blood.

The poem is about the death of a beautiful actress Sharon Tate by Manon Family.

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