Love is true

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Words will never describe how much I love you
You’re the greatest and our love is true
These past months have been confusing
I hope it is not you that I am losing
At times I break into tears
Because in my mind I have fears
They are in my head, and over and over they play
When all I want, is for you to stay
We both seem to be sensitive now
But why now? And how?
We fight so much over little things
Then the next minute your giving me wings
It might not seem that way all the time
But when I do one thing wrong, it’s a big crime
I know I mean everything to you
And trust me baby, I love you too
We will get through this
By talking or maybe a simple kiss
Our love is so strong
And there is no way we will go wrong
Please trust me and have no doubt
Because it is you, that I cannot live without
You bring me happiness and sunshine
All I ever wanted is for you to be mine
Now I have you, and I’m doing wrong
I guess emotionally I’m not that strong
I will do anything for you sweetie pie
I will get down on my knees, and even die
How can I treat you this way, so bad
It makes me so mad, but yet so sad
I used to be so perfect and so nice
I would never ever think twice
But now I feel like I’m the worse
It feels like maybe it’s a curse
You don’t understand how much I try
And sometimes I ask myself why?
Inside I know its my fault, and my problem
And you probably ask yourself, How do I stop ’em
My heart is crying in the middle of a smile
This has been happening for while
I am not lying and this is true
But the reason is not you
So instead of walking away
Think twice, and stay
Because great things are destined to happen
Just be patient, and don’t ask when?
Baby you are my heart
And without my heart, I will fall apart

2 thoughts on “Love is true”

  1. I love you!! I don’t know who this poem is about but I just wanted to say that I love you!

    You are my heart, and without you right now…IM FALLING APART!!

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