I can never be the same

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I go on to live this life

But I feel so lonely on the inside

I accepted my fate

But I can never be the same


I have a feeling inside that I can not explain

I feel so quiet yet so restless

I don’t know what this feeling represents

Is it heartache or is it pain

Is it peace or is it sadness

I don’t know what it is or what it might be


But I just feel to be left alone

But I also want to live my life


I can’t take this quietness

It is so unexplained


I go on to live my life as I am expected to

I go on to fulfill my duties as I am expected to

I go on to do what others want me to do

I go on to live my life pretending to be happy and alive on the outside

As I try to accept my fate

As I try not to hope


But on the inside I feel so numb so quiet

2 thoughts on “I can never be the same”

  1. i really adore you for saying this.to hear that someone likes my poems/poem is always a lift up and it gives new hope for when i feel i should not write it then gives me courage again.so thank you so much

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