You Have No Emotion

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If the sunshine shone on your face

And the brightness made you tear

Would you fear or would you walk away?


If the laughter and joy of children reached your ear

Would you smile or would you walk away


I feel as if sometimes you had no emotion

And you keep to silence


As I sit and wonder

If the sun shone on your face

And the brightness made you tear

If the laughter and joy of children reached your ear

Would you walk away?


I feel as if sometimes you had no heart

Nor a heart of a stone

7 thoughts on “You Have No Emotion”

  1. Some people just don’t SHOW emotions and even if they think they’ve shown them others still don’t notice much but it doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions. Some people just easily show emotions and others easily notice their emotions every second.

    However, I agree some people’s minds control their emotions when minds and emotions conflict while some’s emotions control minds.

    Sometimes emotions are feelings, but sometimes they’re not and they’re just emotions but not feelings. It’s not that because some people show a lot of emotions so their feelings are stronger and true.

    Also, sometimes some people are indeed cold, without a heart by what they do.

    To distinguish all of them, we need to pay attention to what people actually “DO”. It’s what they do that counts, but not the sweet words.

    Does this person who shows no emotion ever do something for you? Think hard and recall it and see where the feeling lies but not the emotion lies.

    1. you are correct and yes this person does a lot for me, i wrote this poem in the moment but i know this person has emotions and feelings but she just cant show it to anyone and i know why also…i really love her but we cant show our feelings to each other and i do not know why really.this person is someone in my family.

      1. Because we’re born unique and no one is perfect while everyone has his virtues. Einstein is unique and I think he doesn’t show emotions either but he has his contributions. Accept others as who they are as they accept you. They’re as normal and good as everyone else.

        1. yes i do accept her it does not mean that i don’t just because of my poems is just how i express my emotions to myself therefor i never shared my poems before and i still only share my poems with a view people, i share my poems on this site only and then i did show my poems with 4others once.
          but i really like the advice you give it is always helpful and it does make me think.

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