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I can’t pay the bills on time

Because it thrills me every minute

I have learned that we must have resiliency

My family is concerned about problems

My family is not worried anymore about our conflicts

My family made it and we have resiliency

When I feel I like I lost the race

I am running at my pace then I hit my face

I made it and I am the ace

In the race I was running I had resiliency

My test and trials were very hard and I have battled against them

My hardships and struggles are gone and I have overcome them

Because I have resiliency in my life

My walls and hindrances are trying to stop me and prevent my goal

The walls are destroyed and broken and my problems are shattered and no more

Because I have resiliency

The moment I have a homework assignment I get frustrated and angry

When I work on an assignment I get so infuriated and I throw a book

When I completed the assignment I don’t feel defeated anymore and I feel happy

When my homework is done I am calm and the book that I have thrown is picked up and put away

Because I have resiliency

When I work on a computer problem that is impossible

The computer problem has been resolved and is now possible

Because I have resiliency

Fear and anxiety tell me that I will never make it

But my calmness and resiliency tell me to keep going and never give up

Because I have resiliency

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