Delighted Darkness

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Don’t wake me up
im dreaming about her
Don’t touch my heart
its beating for her
Don’t talk to me
my ears are listening to her

Lost in her world
and I don’t wanna escape paradise
Trapped in her maze
and I adore her hypnotize

Don’t erase my memories
they’re all about her
Don’t violate my emotions
they’re devoted to her
Im drowned by her,
nothing I can do.

This is the time of unleashed silence
its time to lose all the innocence
I’ve lost my way home
its been a while since I’ve been there.

Eyes sparkle so bright
just a seductive delight
Close your eyes,
bring the night
Hurt me be the one
make my sorrow redone

Passion will I sustain
can’t make it undone
All these years
I’ve been falling to you
I’ve been crushing on you
Deep in my mind
I’ve been thinking about you
Scared of the days to come
crippled in the momentum

You’re taking me in a trance
I won’t ever stand a chance
Take me deeper
be my reaper
Be my future be my past
you’re the one, my love will eternally last

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