A Poem is a Song

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The poems,
The amusement, the sadness, the enlightenment…
They need inspirations;
They need feelings.

The beginning, it is often difficult,
But slowly,
You will find a way of singing,
As if a little bird were warbling!

A poem is a song;
Come and find your rhythm.
Listen to your favourite chanson,
Smell the fragrance of soil,
Watch the sunset and sunrise,
And write down your thoughts on a note.
Let your imaginations fly,
And your verse will flow like tides!

One, two, three, four,
Continue writing, and free your soul.
Le Voilà, it’s stunning and marvellous.
Congratulations, it’s done!

. Love Song

3 thoughts on “A Poem is a Song”

  1. Your poem is both inspirational and beautiful.
    I can feel a liveliness within each line.
    And together your words begin a sense of joy.
    I have only a pure heart to continue on.

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