On the balcony

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It started on the balcony

You stared at me with aww

I stared back and thought if  perhaps you wanted to ask me something

I stared back but never said a word nor did you

It went on for months

Every day we knew we could find each other there on the balcony

We never spoke, just stared

So one day I decided to put my fear away into my pocket

I went out and saw you there just as usual staring right at me with no word

I asked if you wanted to talk

You smiled, turned around and then said…

I am sorry for staring at you all the time but I was unable to speak to you as I thought you might take me wrong

I thought of it to be odd

We spoke for a while when finally you asked my number

I was so happy inside

that’s how it started out, on the balcony of the very first building we both lived in

It was a shock to find out that you were moving

But nothing stopped us then

It’s funny that we both moved that day and that too into the same building again

we started to get close

but once again we both moved

But only this time there was a change

I moved out of town

So we spoke on the phone it went on and on

We both fell in love

Wanted to spend our lives together

But faith took a toll and now well we both know…

But I wish we could go back to our very first building where we met


Our story might have ended but this story has not

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