Looking in the Mirror

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A young girl stands before me

I search her soul

Deep within her big, brown eyes is pain

She hides it for fear of what people will say

Or how they will see her

Because she has always been told to stay strong

And keep her head held high

No one will ever know what she has been through

Or how many tears have fallen from her eyes

And rolled down her cheek

Only to be wiped away

To hide any evidence

Of what has been

The girl smiles

She looks happy

Then you look harder

And realize you can’t judge a book by the cover

She tries so hard to cover up

All of her broken hearts

And all those could-have-been

But not any kind of make-up can hide that

Even though she is beautiful

She can’t believe it

Because she’s been told so many times

That she’s worthless

3 thoughts on “Looking in the Mirror”

  1. This poem is amazing, its so true…no one knows what we hide underneath a smile. Who we truly are…

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