My Song

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Now I wonder what to do,

Since I lost the fight.

What disappeared from my eyes?

Oh, was that the light?

I tried my best; I thought I’d win,

So tell me what occurred?

They told me no, and sent me out;

I’m far from assured.

This meant the world to me,

And yet I didn’t win.

I didn’t sing the song THEY chose,

Oh, was that a sin?

Now I find my makeup smudged,

Dark lines have appeared..

Does this show that

I just faced what I most feared?

Was I not good enough? didn’t I try?

What did I do wrong?

I thought I did rather well..

They judged my sad, sad song!

I don’t know what to do,

I’m feeling rather crushed..

Why don’t they understand,

The joy that they just shushed?

I give up; I let in.

Do what you wish.

I no longer have the pride,


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