Confusion of State of Mind

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What do I call myself?
What do I do?
What do I seek?
Life seems to go on and on.
Always questioning what’s going to happen.
Always wondering why I live.
Always thought I wasn’t here for a purpose.
Will my life wither away before it’s supposed to end?
Will my life end in misery when I have nothing left?
Will my life continue on to live successful?
All questions run in my head.
All confusion in a low state.
All lost in waves of life.
Do I cry?
Do I sleep for an eternity?
Do I live as a human being with no answer?
So many questions.
So many thoughts.
So many memories.
I just wish…
I just wish…
I just wish I knew the answer of what the future holds

2 thoughts on “Confusion of State of Mind”

  1. When I was younger I thought about the meaning / purpose of life often and I remember once my ex-boyfriend was worried and said “Don’t do anything big today; don’t make any decision today. Relax.” when I was saying “What’s the meaning of life? What’s the purpose of life?” :-) When I think about it to such an extent that I don’t think about it any more. But I still find myself have to do meaningful things and keep away from anything boring.

    1. So you to, huh? I’m always thinking of about meaning/purpose of life all the time because so many things gathered up deep inside of me that i just keep on questioning. But i try to focus on other things, but then, at some point of the day, i started to think what’s the purpose of life. I mean serious! o_o
      After high school what will I do? I mean i was planning for college, but then at the same time i was thinking of something else. I have a big family to support, and on May 19 (that’s when school ends), I’m moving (I have no other choice)!
      It’s just so much confusion in life that i just feel so distance from others….

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