A Real Father

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There’s always a storm on my face,

hearts outta place

& my feelings outta space.

No love from my father ’cause he’s never been there all along

always call for a daddy but he’s gone

Praying to god every night hoping he’d come back in my life

but deep down inside I have so much deceit & despise

for he’s not being here, near, in my atmosphere

Babygirl’s growing up & you’re not even here too see

boys continuously hurt me, friends desert me & little do you know;

Im wishing everyday you can come & be a REAL father to me

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4 thoughts on “A Real Father”

  1. I know how it feels when a child is not blessed with father… as one of my close friend lost his father recently … and the sad part is after living for 14 years together he need to live alone now … It’s would be so hard that I can’t express over here … losses of loved ones are the biggest pain one could ever imagine. It pierce our heart so hardly that the mark remains forever. But we need to overcome this is LIFE which just goes on and we need to move on …

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