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Contagious insanity has found its way to my mind..

Mindless thoughts run through my head..

Is that even possible? It has to be, for it is happening.

I can’t tell reality from dream..

I don’t understand or trust my own feelings anymore.


Can anyone answer this? please?

Is what I’m feeling right now, what I’m writing about, a lie?

More devastating catastrophes keep occurring,  burying themselves in my thoughts.

Never to leave, never to return me to normal.

Who are you to decide what and how I feel?

Why do you make this happen to me?

Who are you?!

I can’t tell, so help me?

Help me find my would-be self again..

For it has disappeared, and I cannot find it.

No matter where I look, it hides from me.

So much confusion, in this world of delusion.

9 thoughts on “Delusions.”

  1. I must say that this poem, is one of my favorites. I think it’s because when I read it, I feel as though the words are talking to me, because I have been there!!
    Nicely done Jenn;)

  2. I love this poem! It makes so much sense and I have been where you are. I agree and writing helps me too. I’m sure you will get through it all and be just fine. :)

  3. I agree with Shasta, this poem speaks to me. I feel like im just sitting around with you venting about all the crap in our lives. (can you say crap on here?) iv been there too. allbeit for a small amount of time, so i dont really know what you went through (or still going through). Through this poem you gave me insite:) so I thank you for that and I say. LONG LIVE CONFUSION AND LONG LIVE GETTING OUT OF IT! (and long live Narnia)

  4. This is very true! Sometimes we lose who we are in the world! I hope you find yourself and not follow the leads of others, but rather your own path in life! Very deep words and poem.

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