Realizing I lost you

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Losing you was my worst rejection
I wish I had you & your protection
I am scared of repeating the same story & then losing you again
I don’t want to cry for love anymore,
I don’t want to be sad and have nothing else to take
I don’t wanna lie down in tears again,
I just want everything to be like the old days,
maybe you miss me, maybe you don’t,
maybe you hate me or maybe you don’t
I can’t stop assuming Im sorry it’s the truth
I think if I text you, you’ll get mad
Instead of being happy I’ll be sad
I need to realize I lost you forever
and I need to realize your gone forever.

One thought on “Realizing I lost you”

  1. This poem is amazing. I really needed to read something like this. You’re an amazing writer. :)

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