Remember I changed <\3

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Look at me now I have changed
Remember I am not the same
Say the things you wish to say
But it doesn’t matter ’cause I have gone away
Away from love, away from you,
Away from lies, that were not true
I gave you everything I had, now your wishing I will come back,
I am sorry it’s too late to say the things that weren’t said,
because I am not that girl you used to know,
the one you loved to give roses to,
the one you used to call “your all”
I am not that girl any more, who used to smile everyday,
the smile I had has faded away,
because of all the lies and games you played,
you broke my heart yes you did,
I knew you would be better without me,
I  hope your wish came true,
to break my heart in two and to make me suffer for you <\3

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