My baby is worth it

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With tears in my eyes I’m going to write this
Its not easy but i will try
This is my life till i die
I cant change it
Even if i wanted
Cause my baby is all that matters
Ill pretend if i have to
Ill give in to whatever i need to
But seeing my baby happy is worth it
Her smile and laughter will be my heart
Her hugs will be my beat
And her love will be my goal
To achieve this ill have to keep being myself
Someone fake and unhappy
Willing to give her life
With tears and heart ache i will keep living
Even if reality sinks in like nails that on my skin are digging

7 thoughts on “My baby is worth it”

  1. Every experience is a gift. Be strong. You would get somewhere you wouldn’t have got if you didn’t have this experience. She who survived it would get greater reward. All what you need is strength to keep holding on until you survived it. That’s what will make you more special. Don’t be defeated before that.

  2. Thank you its just that when i fight with my husband i get the urge to write my feelings at the moment and lately thats the onky way i feel like im living only for my baby and things will have to pretend to be good for her not for me

    1. Pretend to love your husband more … do all the things which you were doing at the start of your relationship … and I am pretty sure … one day the things will change between you both … I know you won’t agree with me … but give it a try .. no matter how worst a person is … but LOVE can do the magic … even if we are pretending to love … Thank you …

  3. After reading your poem I completely agree true love still exists … but the true love should be mutual. It should not be like only one person is loving and trying to do everything and anything just to keep his love happy. It’s actually great but what if the same feeling we are not getting from someone whom we love so much. I have experienced it … the pain is like hell but we need to learn from everything we come across … like some rightly said LIFE teaches us great lessons than education can.

  4. Yeah i try any way possible to fix things because my baby is my motivation i dont want her to end up with a stepfather or stepmother

    1. GREAT:)… I have seen many kids with a stepfather and stepmother … and I know what all things they had to go through in their life :(… I will pray for you and your kid … hope things will get better … even if it take some years … It should workout … don’t lose hope and trust yourself and god…

  5. Your baby is worth it, fight for her and i want you to know don’t settle for the marriage that you have now and if you want to change your marriage fireproof it. Watch the movie Fireproof and i want you to try what they tried because it’s worth it. please don’t brush this off please look into this

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