The girl you have always wanted

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The girl you’ve always wanted is the girl I try to be
I mold and shape and pray and wish, but that’s just not me
I try to forgive and be loving, but it’s just so hard
you say it shouldn’t be a challenge, but I, you see, am emotionally scarred
i’ve seen the lies and cries and hurt you always let him put you through
so I, myself, am not so sure that I should be like you
I have this wall built up so high that I can no longer look around
im swimming in a sea of emotion and I think that I might drown
I need someone to pull me back in
I need someone to be my friend
i’ll simply never be the girl that you see in your mind
but I am always going to be myself, one of a kind
I apologize for the embarrassments you’ll face
but I finally feel like a competitor in this race

3 thoughts on “The girl you have always wanted”

  1. exactly you hit it on the spot.i had this feeling more than once,trying to be what others want you to just does not work and i am happy that you can be just yourself.and we all need to be ourselves.this poem can make many realize to be yourself is the best

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