I think of you

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In my heart there is only you

I think of you day and night

Never do my thoughts cease

Thinking about you Even in my sleep

I say your name

I see your face

But when I go near

It all disappears

And my tears

They flow

For you alone

In the darkness of the night

I awake

I wish upon a shooting star

For us to be

In each other’s arms

As we are in our hearts

I turn to GOD

And only ask

For you alone

I want to die

I can not live without you

So I live each day, on its own

Hoping we will be as one again

One day soon I hope

I hope

2 thoughts on “I think of you”

  1. I must say that you are on a roll!! Your poetry is getting deeper, and I Love it!!
    And I know whoever the person is who you are writing it for will Love it as well:)

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