Todays world?

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Institutionalised and working nine to five.
No time- we live by day by day stresses,
Poverty and governmental blunders still rife.

With latest youth schemes that are just a fad.
The normal are struggling to get by,
The rich bankers, getting richer, still bitter and sad.

A back to front robin hood, rich are stealing from the poor.
You have bills coming out your ears and can barely cope,
But why should that stop the greedy from wanting more.

Old ladies getting mugged and hurt.
Bombings, murders, rapists and terror attacks,
Seems like this country has gone berserk.

A culture of drinking , miserable without any cash,
And of i’ll mock you first before you mock me,
Whilst people waste time complaining about trash.

Race hate and race crime, are things that exist still today,
But they’re still alive and the good are dying.
Makes you think of things in a less positive way.

Drug addiction takes its hold where frustration manifests.
Seems like the forgotten live on council estates,
But social academics think they know the best.

Last time they were there was driving through as a shortcut.
Students in debt, leaving university only to get nowhere,
The major lack of jobs to apply for, leaving young people in a rut.

Equality forms checked by some upper class rich at a desk in HR,
we run our lives around forms and papers everyday.
Like a job’s lottery, they tell us we are lucky to be where we are.

Wars, hating, cover ups, propaganda like its World war two.
Walk down the street and look the other way to the homeless guy that sits in the same place everyday,
They look out for themselves, for number one forget about you.

Life’s constraint, but the constraint we make them,
These times we’re born in but make a change: don’t just take.
And live your life to the fullest because you cannot go back again.
And stop all the worrying, even if you make mistakes.

3 thoughts on “Todays world?”

  1. Wow, your poem really puts it out there, and thats Great!!! I mean you tell it like it is, we do live in a corrupt world. I really enjoyed reading your poem, thank you for sharing, and I hope you have more where that came from:)

  2. i like what you did there and you wrote about something meaningfull what you wrote is so true and i wish to see more of your clever writing

  3. ‘A back to front robin hood, rich are stealing from the poor’ … So true! Richer are getting richer and poor people are getting nowhere. Such a pain to see… but who cares people are so busy with their lives that they hardly get to see what others are going through but I really appreciate your writing.. your poems says all! This message should reach everyone at-least then someone could shed some light on others lives. I don’t say give everything what we have but at-least we could give something from everything to bring that little curve on someones face… Thanks expecting more such poems!

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