Old Mice Creed

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I used to pass on this old street
Where old men hang and talk sweet
Their truth and wisdom always make me sweat
No one dares to listen, no one gives a shit

I’m too good for this!

Too proud, too wise, like mice
Before my life falls like dice…
Hit the bottom and roll over like ice
I will take the mysterious advice

With weary eyes of dying mice
Regrets felt in the soft-spoken wise
A piece of Christ, a peace will rise
It’s no surprise, takes a lot of sacrifice

Don’t have to be crucified
Don’t have to be terrified
Just find the right guide
And take the ride…

No matter how cursive the citywide
You’ll always find your way in the countryside
Where simplicity and fulfillment derived
And real life hide in beautiful someone’s side

I don’t know how to get there
I’m just here listening
To the old mice creed
As I seat along the old street
Where I used to pass and say Bullshit!

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