My Lost World

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The leaves on the trees,
Haven’t changed since yesterday.
Walking through a path of snow lying at my feet,
feels like I’ve been buried all along.
Swimming through the river,
Almost drowning,
I gasp for air.
Looking at my life ashamed as I am,
Walking towards a long empty road,
With my shadow down upon me.
Thank you drugs,
You took over my life,
You destroyed me,
You betrayed my family,
But most of all,
I hate you,
For changing me.

One thought on “My Lost World”

  1. Everybody gets addicted to some or the other thing in their life. Some gets addicted to money while some to fame and while some gets addicted to illicit things which can take over their life forever, but for every problem there is a solution, like for every question there is a answer, we just need to find it out. Nothing is impossible if we have the determination and the will power to do so. No matter how far you’ve travelled in the wrong path but once you have realized you’re are doing the wrong thing, Just turn back and take the right path. :) Believe in yourself.

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