Lifes roads

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We travel these roads of life,
roads that seem to never end,
roads that the destination looks to be right around the corner,
and roads leading us to greed and glory,
roads of enemies, family, and trusting friends,
and roads we get lost on and find our way back to where we started.
There are roads we find every day,
roads forgotten long ago,
and there are roads we can’t find,
roads we’ve known all about,
and there are roads that have us shivering in the dark,
and roads will-lit that leads us to a safe place.
There are roads that misguide us,
and roads that take us home,
there are roads filled with heartache where tears fall like raindrops.
Yet we all have a compass in us,
if we just take the time to listen,
it will lead us down the right roads to a long joyous journey home.

2 thoughts on “Lifes roads”

  1. I like the idea behind \’Life\’s Road\’ yet all the time the poem makes me think how much sharper it might be.

    My first impression, I\’m a poet too,is that the poem looks \’easy.\’ You may not have wanted to give that impression but that to me is the one that sticks in my mind.

    I\’d guess some lines caused you a lot of bother. We all have those problems but often by changing a word or two the meanings get reinforced and the poem blossoms.

    All this can happen . In particular the longer lines stick out visually; they might be the ones to look at first .

    There is one line that caught my attention more than any other one.It is as follows:

    \”roads that seem to never end,\” so how might it have turned into a far stronger line? There is the challenge or puzzle. Have fun.

    Best Wishes and keep writing

    poem award winner;

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