Alone by Kanashi

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I fall and fall the the waters swell

and see at its bottom hells gates closed to me

as i look up to see heaven gaze down on me in pity

i know that i will burn out side the gates

unwanted by all because of their hate

i am alone in this void of sorrow and pain

where all abandon me for a worst fate

and all despise me because they didn’t understand

and none reach out to grab my hand

as i fall to the depths once again

i know I’m alone in this world despised

because i am not right in anyone’s eyes

2 thoughts on “Alone by Kanashi”

  1. :) I smiled after reading. Guess why? Because you are not the only person ALONE in this world :) frankly speaking we all are alone actually. We were born alone and going to die alone. The time span in between gives us an opportunity to live to the best. To LIVE for others and I think that is GREATEST pleasure of all. Rather the thinking WE are alone all time. Why not try to live life as it comes and just give our best in any and everything we do :). And yea you writing skills are awesome…

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