Life is short

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Forever is today, today is all we have
so I regret nothing and take nothing back
I give life what i’ve got, the same is true with love
and I believe in peace, olive branches and doves
I believe in myself so others will do the same
I live like I’m dying but i’ve got a good name
I try with all my might and sometimes I am let down
but you hate to see me unhappy so I never wear a frown
I respect our differences and I value your opinions
and yet you look at me as though I’m a minion
admiration is vital, ignorance is promised
the world is just so beautiful, but i’m sure that statement’s biased
small town or big city people are the same
living for glory, power, and fame
let’s live for today, forever young, dying fast
life is short but I intend to make it last

One thought on “Life is short”

  1. I completely agree with your thoughts … The days are running very fast … Try to live as if it’s your last day … we need to make sure that each and every moment are cherish-able … living life as it comes is the best way to complete enjoy your life … Expect less live more that should be the new living mantra for a happy life :) … thanks a lot for sharing hope you write more such great poems and share with us…

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