Parting words

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Wishing for answers to questions that I may never know
i’ve always struggled when it comes to letting go
I searched so long for mutuality, something I can’t find in you
why keep wishing on stars, if those wishes don’t come true
I have a simple question i’d like you to answer before you leave
it would be nice if you’d grant me some clarity
When love is lost, who’s the first to know?
the one who’s given up, or the one who won’t let go?
there was a time I would have ripped out my own heart for you
given it in a giftwrapped box, a pretty ribbon, shades of blue
now I wish for you to get tangled in the lies you weave
you thought i’d never know, and that was so naive
there is so much lacking, emotions that don’t show
there is so much distrust, too many issues below
all that’s left for me to do, is stop allowing myself to believe in you
I have to say goodbye, I have to start anew
my love is no longer yours to receive
these are my parting words, now it’s time to leave

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