Chocolate Chip Icecream and Bagels

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Let’s just take our chances
watch the ocean as it dances
climb the mountain ranges
embrace the forest as it changes
all I ever want to do
is spend every waking minute with you
eating chocolate chip icecream and bagels
talking as long as we are able
until I have to fall asleep, something I dread
i’d much rather be looking into your eyes instead
60 Minutes, coffee, and cigarettes keep you satisfied
I resisted you at first, I don’t know why I tried
my parachute never opened, but I didn’t crash land
you caught me, and you’re still holding my hand
we’re saying goodnight, now for the kiss
before you go please promise me this;
don’t let go, never say never
if I love you now, I might love you forever
i’d hate to be in this all by myself
tell me now please…will we be just put on a shelf?

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