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Why did I have to meet you? I wish I never had.
How could I fall in love? I knew it would end bad.
So many words I should scream in your face.
Too far away; Love was a chase.

So many emotions, can’t focus on one.
Wishing, pointlessly, that my heart would numb.
I’m thrilled that you left. So glad you gave up.
Who knows how much longer ’til I bailed?

Leaving you hollow. Believing lies that were told.
No longer victim to your words. I’ve grown cold.
Cold enough I no longer shiver or shake.
I, alone, have handled more than most can take.
I am my own masochist. Simply lost in dreadful bliss.
I tear me down like a cut to the wrist.
Tears sting hot. Yours or Mine?
Why did we waste so much time?
Countless days, minutes, hours.
Wilting away like pretty flowers.
Displayed with perfection, on my desk, by the chair.
I tended the flowers. YOU FORGOT THEY WERE THERE.

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