Be mine

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You’re A Beautiful treasure
That I’m glad I could find
Because you’re a girl
That’s one of a kind
You’re the one that makes my heart sing
you’re more beautiful than dream
You will always be my queen
That will never change I swear
Because I will always be there
To show you how much I care
I hope you don’t think I’m being too bold
but you’re the one
I want to hold until the end of time
I just pray that you will be mine

2 thoughts on “Be mine”

  1. Your poem is so fine with such beautiful rhyme :). You are actually a true man or I would say true lover who could do anything for his love. I hope your love just grows with the passing days and am sure your love would be always yours if you continue loving and caring like the same way you’re doing right now :) … please share some more poems would love to read it :)

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