Lonely is forever!

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Thinking of your eyes! Thinking of your Smile!
Haven’t felt your touch in awhile!
Thinking of holding you! Thinking of a kiss!
All these things I truly miss!
Thinking of your laughter! Thinking of your voice!
Things would be different if I had a choice!
Every day I wanted to kiss your smile!
I wanted to one day walk you down the Isle!
I know the pressure on you, weighed a tone,
The way you handle them was a sign of things to come!
If you had looked around I was there,
To help support the load you bear.
All these things I would do!
But for now I only dream of waking next to you!
The emptiness; it feels I’m drowning in the sea!
Because of the truth that lies inside of me!
That you are gone with no return!
Inside of me I feel the burn!
I tried to sleep tossing in my bed,
But I just can’t get it out of my head!
I look up at the night sky!
Thinking how you can pass me by,
Thinking why you did this to me
Cause me great pain and agony
I prayed to the Lord to fix what I’ve done
I pray everything to be better at the next rising sun!
How did I lose my one and only true love,
Who is pulling the strings from above?
I wish I new how to make you understand
That I would love you more than any other man!
So I guess I’ll be lonely forever,
Because I’m sure that’s how long the pain will endeavor!

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