You broke my heart in two </3

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Every time I see your face, it just makes me cry all day,
it hurts so¬† much because it’s love,
it hurts my heart, my life, & soul
you got me blind from your stupid lies,
& my friends had told me from the start,
to let you go, to walk away, to live my life with no regrets,
to move along because life goes on.
to forgive, forget, & move on,
I trusted you with all I had,
you were everything I had,
you were my sunshine & I was your rain,
you told me you love me
& that I was perfect the way I am,
From all the bad you did to me, you did a ton of good,
but I just wished you had not changed
because we were so perfect how we were,
you had to change for your stupid friends
& I blame them for changing you,
because they have no idea how much Im suffering,
they don’t understand that
my life has changed since you walk away,
everyone asks me what had happened to me,
& all I could say is that Im okay,
& that’s the lie I have to say
because all my wishes had gone away,
& all the lies you once said,
like I was blinded from the start
I was too blind to see that
you were everything to me
& that I was nothing to you,
that’s what I learned from you,
the person that had broken my heart in two
now there’s no one to fix the missing parts of my heart
because you had taken with you all that was left of me,
now Im falling down
where no one will catch me …

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