If Only (For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs)

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*If Only Charene you were here,
I would have the chance to whisper in your ear
How much I love and miss you.
*If Only I would have left with you that day,
I could have found a way to make you stay.
*If Only they knew who stole your soul,
that fool with a heart of straight coal.
*If Only you would have stayed home,
We wouldn’t have gotten the horrible news over the phone.
*If Only he wasn’t so stupid,
you wouldn’t have been with him like he was cupid.
*If Only you saw what we did,
you would have completed your life with your two kids.
*If Only you would have come home that night,
you wouldn’t have had to worry about that crazy fight,but instead a new life.
*If Only I had a chance to say I love you,
it now wouldn’t feel like a dream come true (if it happened)
*If Only he had a heart,
you would have had a great new start.
*If Only I could have said goodbye,
I probably wouldn’t stay up at night and cry.
*If Only your children could have knew you better,
they wouldn’t think that there was no one caring.
*If Only they had their mom right now,
but they don’t call their fathers a coward.
~The son thinks you didn’t love him, and the daughter’s smile is very grim.
~~So really IF ONLY is the only thing I can say now,
because I cannot tell you I love you and couldn’t say goodbye.
So now all I do now..IS CRY!

your case will be solved ..if it takes me all my life.

For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs

3 thoughts on “If Only (For My Sister Ingrid Charene Jacobs)”

  1. This is a very touching poem!! You did an excellent job on it, and I hope to see more of your work soon:)
    Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Ingrid Charene Jacobs, I am sure she might have take a rebirth and living a HAPPY life as you always wished for her :). She might be having a life which is 100% perfect. Do you know why? because she was your sister once and the feeling which I felt now in your wordings made me feel how much you loved her :)

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