Without You

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When months ago you slammed the door,
because what I said made you feel unsure.
I didn’t know then but now I do:
I can’t live my life without you.
You were my sunshine.
Now I have only rain.
Worse still I say,
you took my son,
and every day ends grey.
I thought, my Dear, of how it might be,
I want you back so once again it’s us three.
Such is family life, without it I ache,
I’ve wept plenty salt tears at my mistake.
My heart lies bare, bleeding , snapped in two.
What more? What more? I cry: “I still love you.”

4 thoughts on “Without You”

  1. How beautifully written and how lucky the person would be for whom you’ve dedicated this … I hope and sincerely wish this message should have reached the concerned person … when someone loves us a lot we fail to understand or we take them for granted … and when we realize our mistake we see they are gone … it was good read … hope you come up with more good poems :)

  2. Hi Prem
    I’m delighted with your response and kind words. What can I say? Subjects for poems can vary. Here I was lucky to find something to share with the reader. We all resonate to different tunes and in poetry we seem to feel even more family linked emotions. Love and loss when entwined forms a cocktail that has been written about for many years in famous romantic novels. It is impossible to know how a poem might turn out. When it strikes a right chord, then it can be blinding epiphany.
    Author ” House of the Skull Drum”

    1. It was not kind words Cleveland .. it was actually what I felt after reading your beautiful poem :) … I need to thank you for sharing it here … hope to see more of your poems in coming days :)

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