I loved you forever but forever is over

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I scream your name when Im asleep,
I dream about you every single night,
it’s like a nightmare that won’t leave me alone
I want to forget you but I simply can’t,
I try and try but it’s impossible,
I wish I could go far away where you’re not near
so like that I wouldn’t have to deal with this pain
you’re all I ever wanted, you’re all I loved to have,
but babe Im moving along no matter what,
and it’s best for us to go our separate ways,
sorry Im doing this for the best of you,
and for the best of me, because I really love you
but the time it’s ending and sooner or later
you’re not gonna be here with me because you will be miles away,
so I take this time to say goodbye I loved you forever but forever is over

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