Love is a great feeling

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Cannot believe it’s our first month
I love you with all my heart
Im glad we had a great start
When you look at this Rose, I know you will smile
Hope you like my drawing and think of me 4 a while. :)
I know our Love is strong
and hoped nothing would go wrong
You scared me when you told me about your ex
Prayed to God, “that nothing bad would happen next!!!”
You told me “it’s about now and not your past”
And you also told me “that me and you would last”
Hope you tell the truth and don’t lie to me
Cuz you told me, that me N you were meant to be
I drew you this Rose to show you how much I care
No other girl has had my love, like the one we share
You’re my first real love, my first real girlfriend
Jasmin I want you to know that I will Love you till the end!!!
Happy 1st month anniversary

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