I cannot

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I cannot take this..
I cannot take this hate,
and pain.
I want to show everyone,
who I am
and what I feel.

I put this face on
that isn’t real.
I cry alone
and I want to die alone.
I feel so much hate
almost everyday.

You don’t ask..
you don’t care.
And I want someone..
to ask me..
if I need help.

I cannot take that
that he left me with.
I can still
feel his
soft lips.
Why do you leave?
I will change..I promise.

I cannot do this..
I cannot lie,
and suffer.
I cannot no more…

2 thoughts on “I cannot”

  1. i like this poem. i think if i could cry like it says i might feel better sometimes. but i havent been able to cry in 15years

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