The world is much more cruel

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Marks on the inside
make it even with the out.
I will show you tough love
and what it’s all about.
I might as well bleed here
with you & a razor in your hand
I don’t feel alive anymore,
& I don’t know where I stand.
press the blade against my skin,
hit an unpleasant violet red
soon it will be too late
I will already be dead.
thank you for never noticing
when I walk in, sleeves of blood
. And for never realizing
it wasn’t just an accidental cut.
please don’t shed a tear for me
when I’m drowning in a crimson pool.
but even with the razor, so sharp,
the world is much more cruel.

2 thoughts on “The world is much more cruel”

  1. How the world can be cruel and unjust is a thing that transcends our perception. Whenever hope is rekindled in you, life calamities mock at your innocent, unsuspecting adversity soul and its embittering crack-outs is furthered into devastating blows that bulge on your dreams into shattered crumbles. However, faith in a reward, and pending let-up should remain unwavered.

  2. I loveS IT!! really..i can relate…it's true..& it cures me too reead stuff that im not the only too go through the cuttin stage… u

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