You will always be in my <3

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you left me without even saying goodbye,
you hurt me when I thought everything was going right,
the angels took you away from me
but I promise you will always be,
the oneĀ  that I won’t forget,
the one I bother less,
the one that scared me to death,
the one that told me stories before going to bed,
the one that taught me from right to wrong,
theĀ  one that left me all alone,
the one I hear when am asleep
the one I wish will be here with me,
the one I loved with all my heart &
if i’ll have just one wish i’ll ask for you to be with me
because without you here right now
it’s like am in a nightmare &
am trying to get out, to take out all this pain
because since you passed away I can’t deal with this no more
I can’t believe that god took you away from me when I needed you the most,
you left like the wind & never return when you said to me i’ll be back to you,
you left me wondering why were you gone so quick,
& why did god take you away from me ?
was it something I did, was it something I said,
or was it time for you to go away from life
but never forget that you will be with me until the end of time
I will always have a space for you in my heart.

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