When the one you love is gone :(

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& now you see me here crying for an impossible love,
for a love that I die for, for you the guy I met & I fell in love with,
& now you’re gonna tell me you’re moving, that you’re going away,
it hurts me so much to know that the one you love is leaving you,
& that you will never see him again,
But if I could have just one wish to tell you how much I need you
& please don’t let me go,
I get so tired of seeing you with her
even though of your foolishness am still in love with you,
I don’t wanna lose you so quick,
I don’t wanna be without you no more
because when you were not with me for one day
I couldn’t take it any more
so imagine when you do leave what is gonna happen to me ?
I love you too much to let you go
& I wish you could know that if you leave am gonna miss you so much
But what hurts me the most it’s not that you’re leaving,
or that you act stupid sometimes,
it’s that I have no idea how am gonna get over you when you’re goneĀ  :'(

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