A mistake that changed my life

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I remember the time when everything was right,
when you didn’t have to choose either me or her,
When you held my hand in front of everyone,
when you didn’t care what they thought of us ,
when you looked me in my eyes
and told me everything would be alright &
I believed you because you were by my side,
when you kissed me in front of everyone it made me believe,
it made me open my eyes & see that you were everything to me
& that I was everything you needed
But time passed & for that tiny mistake I made I ruined everything
& you just walked away from me
& left me hurt with no one to lean on & no one to cry to
Then I realize that the strong love you had for me it was all gone all gone
because a mistake was made that day a mistake that changed my life,
a mistake that today I will regret & the mistake that I would never forget
because it’s inside of me <3

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