This hurts but not as bad as wat you did to me

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Why are you doing this? You’re breaking my heart,
you left me here to cry in the dark.
You told me you loved me but you told her too,
you left me here all sad and blue.
I want to cry,and cry a lot,
you say love me, yea I think not!
Im getting my razor and Im gonna cut real deep,
on my shirt the blood will seep
..ow this hurts,but not as bad as wat you did to me,
all this cutting is doing is making me bleed.
but your love kills me more and more
as the days go by, I should just end this now,
slit my throat and die

8 thoughts on “This hurts but not as bad as wat you did to me”

  1. i really like this poem it shows all the hurt he gave u. I believe u should just forget about him and move on. He waz not ur whole life, it didnt all depend on him. I am feeling like this as well. i thought dis 1guy waz everythin but he is just a piece of scrap on da floor & he waznt all dat. get on with ur life u seem like a nice person, but u dont have 2cut urself to show all da pain he gav u. BUT again I REALLLLLY like ur poem

  2. How old are you Alicia…?? 17..18…you've got your whole life to meet someone who really cares..
    I know you want to make him feel the pain you'r feeling…but cutting yourself..or whatever its your doing..won't make him feel a thing…
    Get up.. get on with your life…and don't feelsorryfor yourself because some immature man can't see the beautiful person you are..
    On the Contrary rejoice that you have freed yourself of the burden of caring for some selfish little prawn…who is probably still trying to figure out his life..

  3. I agree with the above…..don't let this fool rule over you.
    take the power back, let that fucker realize he missed out
    on a wonderful woman. Please, stay away from the cutting
    you'll just look awful when your older and your kids
    will ask you why and how…you'll have to lie.

  4. wow i fell like that and I’ve doen it before and
    it hurts some days i wish i would die to but yet wat would happen wat do
    u think the ppl in life that loved you they would be devistated but its just a great poem

  5. i wanted to do that before but now i know that someone really cares and why would i kill myself because of one person.
    you will find someone good in your life if you don’t try to kill your self.beliefe in god .he will be there when no one else is nomatter what.
    well plzz don’t kill yourself don’t miss out on something good in your life.

  6. I agree, your poem is so heartfelt, yet No woman should ever let a man make her feel like she\’s worthless!!! If anything he\’s the one missing out, so don\’t hurt yourself over some dude, it\’s not worth the pain, and scars!!! Because one day he will wake up to see what he lost, and that\’s you:) Please take care, and keep writing=)

  7. it is a nice way to say what you feel but even if you feel a litle insane and so much hurt you should not hurt yourself because it is not worth it keep living your life

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