The fact really is you never loved me

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Love is a word misused all the time
but do you truly mean it and are you truly mine?
Don’t just say it cause everyone does
cause one day you might just forget what it was.
I know our love is true and I know our love is strong
so just promise me once that you will never do me wrong
(time passes)
See I shouldn’t have believed you I wasn’t very smart
you say that you loved me but you broke my heart.
yea you showed me that you loved me and that you truly cared
the night you went out and destroyed what we shared
I feel so hurt I don’t know what to do
but Im stronger than that and I will get over you
it took me a while but now I see
the fact really is you never loved me

11 thoughts on “The fact really is you never loved me”

  1. Yo real talk this poem is wassup after reading this
    i feel mad stronger i think about people who told
    me they love me and think whatever im stronger
    and what was was feeding me was b/s but its cool
    now keep up with your poetry

  2. I think that this poem is very inspiring out to the real world and this was a very nice poem you wrote I can relate to the real life with relationships I’ve discovered in the past knowing that everything will be ok cause Im stronger that that really touches my heart thank you Peaches

  3. im only 12 years and this poem exspresses my life i
    loved someone and he broke us apart ..i don’t know
    who you are but keep up the great work!

  4. So True Peaches!! Love is just a word, it\’s all in the actions that prove everything:) BTW you did a wonderful job writing this poem, although it may have hurt at the time, you will get over it and do so much better:)

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