Fallen angel

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Im just an angel that has fallen.
In a world that has long been forgotten.
There is pain, sweat, and tears.
only cause our hearts feel stabbed by spears.
We have times that our memory’s linger.
While we whip our tears off with our fingers.
Angels come and angels go, but that is not what’s left to show.
We fall and we fall hard. Our spirits crushed our hope let go.
Tears that fall. Pain let in. Sometimes it feels we have been kicked hard in out shin.
Then like someone cracked our chin.
We are hurt and stay that way.
Cause our hearts long ago began to fray.
A fallen angel is what I am.
Don’t be proved wrong Im not a scam.
To make you realize, to make you feel,
to make the world kinda real.
But life cannot be good, but with that bad.
That’s why fallen angels are forever sad.
With being rejected and then let down.
supposed to be a happy clown,
but so many people let other’s down,
so fallen angels wear a frown.

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