Best friends

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We met
we clicked
we’re cool
we’re one
we’re two best friends in the sun
As it shines so bright
there may come the rain.
to fall into our lives
But best friends we’ll remain
Ring the phone & I will run to answer your call
Need me for whatever,I will go-”is that all”?
For the friendship never ends
You & I, for the rest of time-

2 thoughts on “Best friends”

  1. Very nice poem indeed!! It\’s always nice to have a Best Friend:) And you have the words to express your feelings for you BFF=)
    I am really looking forward to see if you can come up with more poetry and publish it, and if you do, I will be one of the first to comment on it:) Just hunt me down and request me to be your friend on here. You take care:)

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