The game of love

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Your Love to me is all that I need,
You are my love, life and greed.
It seemed that we were meant to be one
As you are the one who can make all my sorrows undone.
It has been long since we know each other,
But there is hardly any moment, which we have spent together.
People who say you are not mine are fool,
You will come to me in the end, that’s this game’s rule.
But this game does not seem to end,
Which started when I became your friend.
I am done with my chance in the game & now it is your turn,
Please never let my heart break up or let it burn.
I was the one, who started this game,
And I will be the one who will take all the blame.
So hold my hand and be assure,
That my love is the most pious and pure.
Now, let me tell you that love is a game,
In which I will always remain yours and these feelings will always remain the same,
And telling everyone that I love you the most, I have no shame.

Parisian Love Lock

Parisian Love Lock by

I always held love to be the most dangerous play for anyone..!

2 thoughts on “The game of love”

  1. If our love is true no matter what… it comes to us in the end… true love never dies which reflects in your poem. True lovers are hardly seen in these days people are just getting use to things and give up very easily but I am glad to see people like you still exist… who can go to any extinct just to prove how true your love is.. Thanks for this lovely poem… keep loving and sharing…

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