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When will we know if this one is for real?
Some never will, just go by how you feel.
You can’t live without them for one single day.
You feel so alone and can’t live this way.
Will all of this really, go away in time?
Or is it something that, we’ll always feel inside?
Are you ever able to feel for someone again?
I guess we will find out, who wins in the end?
Life is a game, we play day by day.
Everybody plays, but some choose their own way.
The way you play, depends on what you choose.
It doesn’t really matter, because in the end you lose.
All that makes a difference is, you enjoy life every day.
Live life to the fullest and then you’ll lead the way.
Who knows about what we really should expect?
Nobody really knows, so we try to do our best.

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