The Right Place

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How do we tell if this moment is real?
We go with our heart and the way that we feel.
We give what we have and can’t give anymore.
That when we know if what we feel is for sure.
You go with your heart and the feelings you get.
When your love for each other is every little minute.
You touch each other and get a feeling that is new.
One you can’t explain but only happens with you two.
You love every moment and don’t want it to end.
This is where you want one, more than a friend.
You remember it all like it was just yesterday.
When you want everything to be here to stay.
Love is a thing that will creep up from behind.
It will catch you in a moment, you feel you are blind.
Every time you see them, they bring a smile to your face.
This is where you know you are in the right place.

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