I will never trust again

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Trusting is one thing that some just can’t do.
We try to give in, but it all is still new.
It’s one thing we can’t just do overnight.
Some of us never will do, in his whole life.
I tell people to show me, it’s not what I say.
They tell me what they want, it doesn’t work that way.
Trust is a thing, you feel in your heart.
When you know how that feels, you don’t want to be apart.
Things seem to happen at the worst of times to be.
Everything falls apart, and the finger is pointed at me.
We really know the truth though, about who is to blame.
But I don’t think that they could, really live in all the shame.
It’s all ok to me, I don’t really care who wins.
I have nothing else to give, I will never trust again.

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