I Enojoyed You!!!

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I really enjoyed myself with you Last Night,
Underneath the dark sky, and reflections of the Moonlight.
You touched me so softly, I felt butterflies,
Your kisses were so sweet, and just looking in your eyes
I enjoyed the way your tongue marked my body everywhere,
You didn’t miss a spot, and your hands softly rub my hair

Damn the feeling of you inside me,
you took your time you really did surprise me
Our hips went together in a circular motion,
I felt like I was riding the waves of the ocean

With every stroke, I became Closer N Closer,
With every kiss and touch, Even Closer

I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes, I felt so good
My body began to tense up, and right before I climax
I can’t believe I WOKE UP…

I woke up from a dream, Damn it Damn it is all  I could scream..LOL!!!

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