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Mesmerizing, entrancing, it sings to me
The tears run down but the blood runs faster
The blood slides down my arm
It  runs taking away the pain and confusion
As it pools at my feet I know my faith and I smile
It thrills me fills me with glee
In mere minutes I will be gone
Blood drips down to the floor
And as it runs my mind begins to soar
No one will notice none will care
Some may cry but in weeks it will be as if a dream had occurred
No longer will I be thought of no longer will they care
Life will continue as if I were never really there
I start to feel sleepy, content with the world as last
As the razor falls from my finger I realize
My life is over but my true happiness will begin

3 thoughts on “Blood”

  1. :( I know it’s’ a tough life … But one who learns to overcome it … is the real winner … I can understand how much pain who would have went through which made you to write such a emotional piece. And I really agree with your views … ‘No one will notice none will care some may cry but in weeks it will be as if a dream had occurred’ … And these lines made me to think why not prove something worthy before we leave this world…

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