The thought of suicide

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The thought of suicide
Put the gun to my head
Put the knife to my neck
Put the pills to my mouth
The thought of suicide
Jump off a building no screaming
Put a plastic trash bag over my head
Yes thank you am done am gone am dead
The thought of suicide blows my mind
I wouldn’t do it if I was doin fine in this life of mine
But it comes a time and I know this is my time to die
The thought of suicide runs threw my vains exceeds thew my brain
The thought of suicide is in my mind

10 thoughts on “The thought of suicide”

  1. I thought that your poem was so write.. and the only reason that you all don’t think that’s because you all are preppy that have nothing wrong with your life and you half the time don’t know what people are going through so shut you mouth.

  2. just pray everything gets better. remember your special and theirs a reason god wants you to live. dont end your life just because its hard. theirs always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. So many responses from people whom you never know… just think when these people care for you so much… why don’t we just look around our-self and find those people who actually love us rather than taking any drastic decision which we would regret later… God has given only one life to live…Why to waste simply by dying? He brought us to this world so we have no rights to take our own life… and we never know whether we have a rebirth :O … even if we have what if it would be more ugly then this … lets LIVE this awesome life happily.. I know it would be hard… But it’s not very hard tough!

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